SOUTHCOAST Ball Hockey Sign-Ups and Try-Outs

No previous experience necessary!
Try-Outs Week of March 27th
*Everyone Gets Placed on a Team*
All skill levels welcome – from beginner to veteran!
Great For Exercise, Endurance,
Perseverance, Teamwork, And Fun!
Ball Hockey is a game similar to ice hockey, but with sneakers and a ball, in place of skates and pucks, and is played on an official size rink that has an all-weather nonslip plastic tile surface.
Games are played in the evenings, are roughly 45 minutes long, and consist of 3 periods, 5-on5 play, with officiating and scorekeeping.
Season Starts April 10th and Runs Through June
Location: YMCA Swansea
For Additional Information and Sign Up:
For Questions Please Contact: [email protected]