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Helping Hands

What is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a group committed to making a positive difference in our school community through acts of service, spreading kindness, and lending a ‘helping hand’ wherever it is needed. 

What we have done in the past:

  • Writing positive notes to teachers and staff members to help spread positivity around the school

  • Kindness Week and Start With Hello campaign to encourage kindness and empathy

  • Awareness and fundraising campaigns for various diseases and particular needs in the community

  • Helping Hands for the Holidays to help local families buy presents for their children 

  • Positive signs and posters around the school

  • Writing cards to residents of local nursing homes

  • Daily announcements in school with fun or motivational messages

  • Other ideas that students come up with!

Some basic information:

  • Students in any grade (5th, 6th, or 7th) can join. 

  • We meet every other Tuesday in the library after school until 3:45. 

  • Pickup is on the auditorium side of the school in the usual parent pickup/dropoff area. 

  • Students can take the 4:00 late bus home after meetings.

  • Students can access group info on our Google Classroom, and I will communicate with parents/guardians through email and Remind.

Advisor:  Mr. Mills