Name the Bus Circle » 2nd Annual Name the Bus Circle Fundraiser

2nd Annual Name the Bus Circle Fundraiser

2nd Annual “Name the Bus Circle” Raffle

Martin Middle School Fundraiser

Each student has been given a packet of 10 Raffle Tickets to be sold for a chance to name the bus circle outside of Martin for the 2023-2024 school year. If you need more raffle tickets please reach out to the Office, your child’s homeroom teacher, or print the tickets from this file and we will transfer them to card stock before the drawing. The cost for each raffle ticket will be $5.00. Cash or checks will be accepted. Please make checks payable to Martin PTO.  Please fill out your child’s name and the Buyer’s information to return to the school, and give the raffle information ticket as a receipt.


*One lucky Student will have their name on the sign for the 2023/2024 school year. Please Note: Sign name needs the approval from Mrs. Pereira. (Ex: Jordan Murray Dr.)

*The Buyer of the Lucky Ticket will receive a $250.00 Amazon gift card.

*One Runner up ticket will be pulled: Both the Buyer and the student will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

*The Student who sells the most tickets within the school will receive your choice of a Nintendo Switch or an Amazon Gift Card. 

*The class that sells the most tickets will get a breakfast celebration!

Money and Tickets should be returned by:

Monday, December 11th

Drawing – Friday, December 15th

The sign unveiling ceremony TBD.


The Martin PTO thanks you for your support!