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The health office is open to care for all students' health needs. This includes students with chronic health conditions, as well as any new illness or injury that develops during the school day.  If your child's health changes at any time, please contact the health office, so we may assist in keeping your child healthy while attending school.


Taunton Public Schools nursing services are mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) in conjunction with Massachusetts Board of Nursing Registration.


Rebecca Robertson, RN
School Nurse
Melinda Madeira, RN
School Nurse
The school nurse's office hours are:
8:00 am until 2:45 pm.
Phone number is 508-821-1187
Fax number is 508-821-1289


Student Health Information

MA DPH Immunization and Physical Requirement: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires a copy of a physical exam upon entering school and every 3-4 years thereafter.  This occurs in Kindergarten, 4th, 7th and 11th grades. Students entering seventh grade are required to provide the health office with an updated physical exam as well as proof of two vaccines--Tdap and Meningococcal-- prior to entering seventh grade. Please contact your child's doctor to schedule an appointment and have them fax the physical exam with proof of vaccines to the health office prior to the first day of seventh grade. 

 New students transferring to Taunton Public Schools need to provide an updated physical exam, dated within the last year, and proof of required immunizations




Taunton Public Schools Mandatory Health Screenings 

To opt out of health screenings, please submit a written letter to your school nurse


Annual Health Update Card: Please complete this card and return it to the school nurse promptly. Update all phone numbers as needed (home, work, cell and other emergency contacts), so we may contact you should your child become ill or injured at school.

Illness/Injury: Please inform the school nurse of any medical concerns that your child develops during the school year.

Return to School Certificate: A note from your child’s doctor is required upon return to school if your child is absent from school for 5 or more consecutive school days due to an illness or injury. Please ask your physician to state the specific illness or injury on the note.

Medications: Whenever possible, medications should be scheduled at times other than school hours. If a medication must be administered at school, a parent consent form and a physician order must be completed every school year. Self carry medications (such as Inhalers) must also have a parent consent and physicians order every school year.